“Looking for a home teeth whitening system?”

Looks do matter and yellow or stained teeth can spoil your impression. One of the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of teeth whitening is your local dentist. However, visiting dentist for teeth whitening can be time consuming. You might require multiple visits to the doctor to make your teeth dazzle.

Not just this, it can be an expensive procedure too. Your local dentist can make you shell out a huge amount of dollars for  this simple procedure.

It is no surprising that most people are now opting for home teeth whitening kits that can help whiten your teeth within the comfort of your home and that too at a fraction of the cost.

Listed below are some of the best teeth whitening kits that can help you get a Hollywood smile quick and fast at a reasonable price:

Best Teeth Whitening Kits

  1. Zero Peroxide
  2. Mint Cosmetics
  3. Smile4You

Teeth Whitening System

Zero Peroxide

I have reviewed a couple of teeth whitening kits but I must say that this one seems to be a clear winner and anyone can say after reviewing its features.


1. A non peroxide formula that is formulated with 35% sodium bicarbonate.

2. Fully EU compliant

3. Ensures results in as little as 20 minutes

4. Zero irritation and sensitivity formula

5. Mixed with natural whitening enhancers such as pomegranate and chamomile

6. Superior comfort mouth trays that do not require heating and allow LED penetration to ensure faster and better teeth whitening

7. Teeth whitening pen included as a standard

8. Recommended by dentists

9. No side effects

10. 2 Year shelf life

11. Complete 30 days money back guarantee


Frankly speaking, Zero Peroxide seems to be the best teeth whitening package with great features and bonuses includes. A good support system and a complete money back guarantee makes it even more credible. Besides this, it is a 100% safe and legal teeth whitening kit that adheres to EU regulations.

There is hardly anything that can be said against Zero Peroxide.

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Mint Cosmetics

This is another UK based brand that confirms to EU regulations. It is also a good choice.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of this teeth whitening system:


1. Non peroxide formula that confirms to EU regulations

2. Ensures effects in as little as 30 minutes

3. No irritation and Side effects

4. Formulated with Sodium Bicarbonate as the main ingredient

5. New and improved mouth guards

6. 36 month shelf life

7.  14 days Money Back Guarantee

8. Guaranteed results within 14 days


1. Requires 30 minutes daily application. This is more than the time you need to apply Zero Peroxide.

2. The mouth trays provided by Zero Peroxide are made with high quality silicone and do not require any kind of heating. Though mouth guards provided by Mint Cosmetics are good, those provided by Zero Peroxide are of better quality.

3. Teeth Whitening Pen is not included as a standard. You have to spend extra bucks to buy it.

4. Money back guarantee is for just 14 days. You might need more time to experience the best effects.

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This is yet another teeth whitening system that is a great option when looking for a peroxide teeth whitening gel. It is perfectly legal in US but it does not adhere to EU regulations.


1. Contains 16% carbamide peroxide gel which is much more than any other teeth whitening kit

2. Can make your teeth up to 11 shades lighter within 2 weeks

3. Requires just a 30 minutes application during the day

4. Effects can last for up to 2 years

5. Aftercare Gel is great for protecting your teeth against any kind of sensitivity or irritation. Peroxide gel can result in sensitivity in your teeth and the after care gel can prove to be handy in such a case.

6. Tooth gloss can add instant gloss to your teeth. Its a great add on if you want to sparkle your teeth instantly.

7. Teeth Whitening Pen can be a great product when you are on the go and want your teeth to look whiter and better.

8. Shelf Life of 2 Years



1. Smile4you teeth whitening gel is formulated with carbamide peroxide that can result in teeth sensitivity and irritation.

2. Is not compliant with EU regulations

3. You need to spend extra for teeth whitening pen, LED light and tooth gloss. They are not included as a standard.

4. Mouth trays require heating in order to take the shape of your teeth. New and advanced mouth trays do not require any kind of heating etc.,

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